Akureyri, Þórunnarstræti

The camp site is on the corner of Þórunnarstræti and Þingvallastræti above the swimming pool. The approach is from Þingvallastræti or Byggðarvegi.

Services available

  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower
  • Electricity
  • Washing machine
  • Toilets

Description of facilities

The camp site is small but popular. Located close to the center of Akureyri. There is a grocery store next to the camp site and only 100 meters to the swimming pool.

The location is close to all major services such as the centrum, swimming pool and grocery store. The area has 12 toilets, showers, hot and cold water, telephone automat, washing machine and a tumble dryer. There is access to electricity.

1. The camp site is a family campsite and the age limit is 18 years old unless travelling with adult supervision. Under special circumstances the age limit might be higher.
2. Guests need to check in with the camp site guard and pay the fee.
3. The traffic of motor vehicles must be kept to a minimum and only to enter and exit the area. Maximum speed is 15 km/h
4. It is not allowed to disturbe the peace during the night.
5. The camp site must have peace and quiet during 24:00 and 08:00
6. Drunkenness is not allowed.
7. Garbage is to be put in a special containers.
8. Dogs are only allowed in a leash and can not couse noise or frighten other guests.
9. Do not sabotage the nature, houses or the equipment of the camp site.
10. Violation of these rules can cause expulsion from the camp site.

Cars are not allowed in the area unless for loading and disposal. When guests have camped they are asked to return the cars to the car park next to the camp site.

It is not allowed to light a fire at the camp site


Rates 2021

Adults: 1.800 kr
Seniors and disabled: 1.500 kr
Children: Free for 17 years and younger when travelling with their family
Washing machine: 500 kr each time.
Tumble dryer: 500 kr each time.
Electricity: 1.100 kr pr 24 hours.
Sturtur 300 kr.