Á, Skarðsströnd

The campsite Á at Skardsstrond is located on the south of the fjord Breiðafjörður. There are many birds and beautiful nature.

Services available

  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Electricity
  • Washing machine
  • Walking paths

Description of facilities

The older camp site is located in a beautiful spot in a small forest near the rocks. The new camp site is close to the farm.

By the older camp site is a toilet and sinks with cold water only. Next to the new camp site is a new service house with 3 toilets as well as cold and hote water. It is also possible to get electricity as the camp site has 24 outlets.

There is access to a 100 square meter large old barn that has 10 tables and chairs, cooking facilities, microwave oven and hot and cold water. Also washing machine and showers.

This is in a beautiful location on the south of the fjord Breiðarfjörður. There are many beautiful walking paths and one is brand new, only one km to a very nice view over Breidafjordur.


Rates 2023

Price pr tent: 3.000 ISK.
Price per caravan: 3.000 ISK.
Price pr folding camper: 3.000 ISK.
Price pr mobile home: 3.000 ISK.

Electricity 1.000 ISK. per day.

Shower and washing machine are included as well as VAT.