The Budardalur camping site is located within a beautiful grove. The Budardalur camping site is a great site for tents since you have the trees sheltering the tent on windy days.

Services available

  • Jumping Pillow
  • Toilets
  • Washing machine
  • Restaurant
  • Playground
  • Horse rental
  • Shower
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The camp site is in the middle of the village and to the left when you arrive from the south on highway no 60.

A new service house with hot and cold running water, shower and washing facilities was opened in 2014. At the camp site there is waste disposal as well as electricity. In the neighourhood you can find a store, bank, restaurant, coffee house, sports area, football field and a playground.
The site has many features such as a convenience store, coffee shop, soccer field, playground and a beach volley ball field. In the summer 2020 a service house with cooking facilities will be added to the area.

Dalir is a family oriented destination. There is a lot of history in the area such as the old Icelandic sagas Laxdæla, Sturlunga and Eíríkssaga rauða. It is possible to visit some of the farms, fish in the lakes, many good walking paths, do some bird watching, visit museums and much, much more.


Rates 2023

Adults: 1.500 kr.
Seniors and disabled: 1.200 kr
Children: Free for 16 years and younger in company of a legal guardian.
Electricity: 1.000 kr (500 kr pr day for day 2 and more)
Washing machine: 500 kr
Tumble dryer: 500 kr
Use of a stove: 500 kr
Shower: free for guests.