At the camp site there is hot and cold running water, 2 showers and toilets as well as facilities to wash the dishes.

Services available

  • Playground
  • Horse rental
  • Swimming pool
  • Walking paths
  • Toilets
  • Washing machine
  • Shower
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The camp site is by the southern entrance into the town (when arriving from Akureyri). The camp site is next to the sports area, school and the swimming pool. Around is a lot to do for the children such as football, basketball court and a playground.

At the camp site there is hot and cold running water, showers and toilets. The service house has facilities to wash dishes and cook. There is also tables and chairs.
The camp site has toilets and showers for the disabled. It is possible to get access to a washing machine, tumble dryer and to dry shoes. There is also running water to fill the watertank of mobile homes and waste disposal.

The age limit is 18 years unless travelling with adult supervision. Our staff will come to the area and charge fees, you are welcome to camp in the area as soon as you arrive, even though an employee is not in the area. Please contact us at telephone (+354)6254775 to pay for your stay, if no one has contacted before you go.


Rates 2024

Adults: 2.450 kr
Children: Free for 14 years and younger
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.500 kr
Washing machine: 800 kr
Tumble dryer: 800 kr
Electricity: 1.300 kr
Lodging tax: 333kr per sleeping unit