Hallormsstaður Atlavík

Two toilet houses are at the Atlavík campsite with hot and cold running water, facilities for dishwashing, waste disposal for mobile homes, a toilet for the disabled, outdoor barbeque, tables and chairs as well as a playground.

In both campsites, the garbage is sorted. Trash bins for waste sorting are located next to the toilets.

The forest Hallormsstaðaskógur is a popular area for outdoor activities. There are about 40 km of marked walking paths (see the map: (https://www.skogur.is/static/files/hallormsstadaskogur/hallormsstadaskogur2017_ens_36x52cm_lores.pdf). There is a family friendly arboretum (Trjásafn) with over 90 different types of trees and bushes. There is also Hotel Hallormsstaður, a new hotel with 100 rooms and a restaurant.

Services available

  • Dryer
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Washing machine
  • Restaurant

Description of facilities

There are two campsites in Hallormsstaðaskógur, Atlavík and Höfðavík. Höfðavík can be pre-booked with Parka. Dogs allowed on a leash.


Rates 2024

Price per night: 2.000 kr.
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.500 kr.
Lodging Tax: 300
Children: Free for 14 years and younger

Shower: 500 kr. The automat only accepts 100 kr coins. The showers are located in Höfðavík.
Washing machine and tumble dryer: 500 kr. The automat only accepts 100 kr coins.