Bjarteyjarsandur is a farm in the fjord Hvalfjörður. It is a small and family friendly camp site

Services available

  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Walking paths
  • Sleeping bag accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

Bjarteyjarsandur is an ideal place for hikers and bikers. This farm offers you a quiet campside, sheltered with trees. You can either cook your own meal or buy local food (farm food direct) directly from the farmer.

Breakfast if offered on request.

At the farm there is a warm place to rest inside and a shower included in the price. You can also have a tour around the farm, if interested. A nice walk to the shore in the evening sun or morning breeze is a must and you could also ask the locals about the nice hot tub by the shore, their own little secret.

Opening time

Opens 1. june


Rates 2023

Adults: 1.800 kr
Children, younger than 14 years: 900 kr

Electricity: 1.000 kr pr night.