The camp site in the village borðeyri is in a flat area with windbreaks sheltering from the northern winds. It is located next to the seaside so it is ideal to take a short walk on the shore early morning or late at night when the fjord is windless.

Services available

  • Playground
  • Hot water
  • Walking paths
  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The bird life is diverse and seals visit quite frequently. The sunset is often very beautiful seen from the camp site. This camp site in in the outskirts of one of the smallest villages in Iceland. Even though it is small the village has an important history that guests can learn more about by walking around. There are many historic signs around and old houses still standing. Fore example is the Riis house from 1862 which is being restored.

A good service house is in the area with 2 toilets plus facilities to wash the dishes. There are also hot and cold water, electricity, large coal barbeque, 2 tables, garbage cans, football field as well as a playground.
About 100 meters from the camp site is a guesthouse. Close by is also a craftsman market and coffee sale from 14:00 – 17:00 all days.

Opening time


Prices 2023

Adults: 1.500 kr
Children: Free for children up to 14 years old
Electricity: 500 kr