Möðrudalur á Fjöllum – Fjalladýrð

Well equipped and peaceful camp site by a farm that is the only farm in this altitude in Iceland.

Services available

  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Waste disposal for mobile homes
  • Walking paths
  • Hot water
  • Sleeping bag accommodation
  • Restaurant
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The camp site Fjalladýrð – Möðrudal á Fjöllum welcomes you to the camp site that is in 469 meters altitude over sea level. The uniqueness of the camp site are the waste area and beautiful mountain scenery.

The camp site offers cooking facilities, showers, waste disposal, electricty and wifi. There are many easy walking paths from the camp site that are ideal for seeing the nature and during peaceful evening walks it is possible to see the mountain Herðubreið in the horizon or the mountain Kverfjöll in the glacier Vatnajökull.

In Möðrudal is also the restaurant Fjallakaffi sem offers only products from the farm in the area with a focus on lamb, reindeer, goat meat and goose. There is also sold very beautiful wool handicraft as well as a photo exhibition from the lava field Holuhraun and more of the Iceland highland.
For many the church in the are, that was built by Jón A. Stefánsson in the memory of his wife, is an attraction as it is a beautiful church.

There is also possible to go on a daily tour to Öskju, Kverkfjöll or Herðubreiðargöngu for those who want to experience the highland.

Opening time


Rates: 2022

Adults: 1.350 kr
Electricity: 1.350 kr
Shower: 200 kr 3 min. 400 kr. 6 min max.