Akureyri, Hamrar v/Kjarnaskóg

One of the biggest and most splendis camp sites in Iceland in a beautiful scenery in the hills above Akureyir. The camp site is located in the edge of the outdoor area of Kjarnaskógur. Excellent walking paths are close by. Akureyri the capital of North Iceland is a short distance away with all the services offered there. The best way to get to the camp site is to drive past the airport and turn right to Kjarnaskógur. When driving past Kjarnaskógur you turn left towards the camp site.

Services available

  • Open all year
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Washing machine
  • Cooking facilities
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The area is divided into 146smaller areas that are 3-4000 square meters. All the areas are flat landed and well kept with trees surrounding them.

All facilities are excellent. A few service houses are in the area with toilets for both genders as well as the disabled. There are also showers and facilities to wash the dishes. In the cabin next to the entrance there are also showers, toilets, washing machine, indoor dining facilities and a computer with internet access.

With 16 areas it is usually possible to choose a good area. The toilets and restroom facilites are well maintained. There is also a playground, a boat rental for a small pond and much more to do for the children. The area is restricted to guests with maximum speed of 15 km/h to keep it safe.

1. The camp site is a family campsite and the age limit is 18 years old unless travelling with adult supervision. Under special circumstances the age limit might be higher.

2. Guests need to check in with the camp site guard and pay the fee.

3. The traffic of motor vehicles must be kept to a minimum and only to enter and exit the area. Maximum speed is 15 km/h

4. It is not allowed to disturbe the peace during the night.

5. The camp site must have peace and quiet during 24:00 and 08:00

6. Drunkenness is not allowed.

7. Garbage is to be put in a special containers.

8. Dogs are only allowed in a leash and can not couse noise or frighten other guests.

9. Do not sabotage the nature, houses or the equipment of the camp site.

10. Violation of these rules can cause expulsion from the camp site.


Rates 2024

Adults: 2.350 kr
Seniors and disabled: 1.950 kr
Children: Free for 17 years and younger when travelling with their family
Electricity: 1.450 kr pr 24 hours.
Showers included in price
Lodging tax 333 kr per tent/rv/ per night