The camp site in the village Hólmavík is a good camp site in a prime location in the village. The camp site is next to the swimming pool and the community center. There is a very short walk to the grocery store and a restaurant and a museum is also a nice, short walk away and there are many nice walking paths with a good view.

Services available

  • Playground
  • Hot water
  • Hot tub
  • Washing machine
  • Waste disposal for mobile homes
  • Restaurant
  • Golf course
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Horse rental
  • Swimming pool
  • Dogs allowed
  • Cooking facilities
  • Walking paths

Description of facilities

The camp site is divided into four areas, A, B, C, D. The area has two service houses with hot and cold water as well as toilets, there is also waste disposal and electricity. A small store, gas station and restaurant is also close by.

The sports center and swimming pool are next to the camp site and there are showers. There is electricity in three areas of the four.

Washing machine and a tumble dryer are also at the camp site.


Rates 2023

Adults: 1.750 ISK
Children: Free for 13 years and younger
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1050 ISK

Electricity: 1.440 ISK
Washing machine: 890 ISK
Tumble dryer: 890 ISK