The Husafell camp site is very popular in Iceland and has been so for many years. It is located in the middle of a summer cottage area and offers a great number of features. Within a short walking distance you can find a swimming pool, a golf course, a playground, a convenience store and a restaurant with a bar. Hotel Húsafell is also close by.

Services available

  • Golf course
  • Electricity
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower
  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Washing machine
  • Toilets

Description of facilities

Campsite at Húsafellskógur

The campsite at Húsafellsskógur has been a very popular camping destination for decades. The main campsite is in the middle of the woods, and most of the locations are walking distance from a swimming pool, bistro, playground, bistro restaurant and a mini-market. There are electrical points at around 70 (European style) electrical connection points. The camp site also has WCs, showers, hot and cold water as well as laundry facilities.

During summer, subject to crowd control measures as well and permit from the fire authorities, there is a campfire on Saturday night at 21:00.

The Húsafell campsite is a family focused establishment, we want our guests to enjoy the area in peace and quiet. We also want our guests to be aware of their social responsibilities around BBQ´s, garbage disposal and recycling. Children and teenagers are not permitted at the campsite without a responsible adult.
Campsite Rules at Húsafell
Please take care and attention to the local environment, do not leave rubbish behind. Ensure all rubbish is recycled and deposited in the containers at the entrance to the site. Be considerate of your camp neighbours. No noise disturbance between midnight (24:00= and 09:00
Ensure you protect fragile shrubs and trees
It is forbidden to light open fire on the campsite and it not permitted to use BBQs that are in direct contact with the ground, such as disposable BBQs
Do not drive off-road and note there is max 20 km/hour (12 miles per hour) speed limit within the holiday home and campsite area.
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and you must clean up their littering .
Children and teenagers are only permitted if accompanied by a responsible adult
Use of motocross bikes is forbidden

Please advise the camp site team if you become aware of a breach of these rules.
Breach of these rules can result in expulsion from the campsite without compensation or refund of fees paid.
You can rent volleyballs, footballs, basketballs and other entertainment from the Activity Centre. For further information, please contact the Activity Centre on 435 1556 or via email camping@husafell.is

Website: www.husafell.is/gisting/tjaldsvaedi


Prices for summer 2021
Guests are required to register at the Activity Center upon arrival and pay for their stay.

Húsafellsskógur Campsite:
Adult / Children (7-17 years old) 1 night 1.600 / 900 kr. Price per person
Adult / Children extra night 1.400/ 700kr. Price per person
Electricity connection per 24-hour period 1.350 kr.
Summer rental 69.000 kr.
Electrical point summer rental 40.000 kr.
Connection cable for electricity 4.500 kr (buy) /1.500 (rent)

Guests are expected to check out of campsite by 13:00 on day of departure.

Vallar Campsite
Adult / Children (7-17 years) 1 night 1.400 / 700 kr.
Adult / Child extra night 1.200 / 500 kr.

Guests are expected to check out of campsite by 13:00 on day of departure.
Reyðarfellsskógur Campsite

Adult / Children (7-17 years) 1 night 1.100 / 600 kr.
Adult / Child extra night 900 / 400 kr.

Guests are expected to check out of campsite by 13:00 on day of departure
Swimming Pool

Adult 1.500 kr.
Children: 6 – 14 years old 500 kr
10 pool sessions for adult 10.500 kr
10 pool sessions for child 3.000 kr
Towel rental 1.100 kr
Swimming kit rental 1.100 kr
Single cycle of washing 1.650 kr
Bedlinen 1.900 kr