Kerlingarfjöll - Highland Base

The camping site at Mountain Kerlingafjoll is in the vally of Asgard, on the north side of the mountains is a beautiful valley with a spectacular surroundings.

Services available

  • Natural hot spring
  • Hot water
  • Shower
  • Restaurant
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Dogs allowed
  • Cooking facilities

Description of facilities

Located at the edge of the Kerlingarfjöll mountain range on the banks of the river Ásgarðsá, Highland Base Campsite is the camping component of Highland Base—a remote outpost in Iceland’s central highlands encompassing 6 private lodges, a 46-room hotel, an 80-seat restaurant serving bistro comfort food, and thermal baths. Open from July 1 through August 31, the campground accommodates tents and caravans, and features a service house with toilets, showers, a kitchen, a laundry machine and an outdoor grill. Campers may also dine at Highland Base Restaurant and purchase access to the Highland Base Baths (from 2024).

Kerlingarfjöll is an adventure-seeker's paradise in the heart of an awe-inspiring wilderness. From the mesmerizing geothermal hillscapes of Hveradalir to the towering peaks of Snækollur, Fannborg, and Loðmundur, this extreme frontier covers 100 square kilometers and offers endless possibilities for exploration. With a vast network of trails, there are exciting options for guided and unguided hikes of all distances and difficulties, whether simple and leisurely or strenuous and challenging. But regardless of the difficulty, all trails lead to unforgettable experiences.

From Reykjavík, the drive to Highland Base takes approximately 3.5 hours, covering nearly 200 kilometers. The directions are simple: From Route 1 (Þjóðvegur 1), turn onto Route 35 (Kjalvegur) at Biskupstungnabraut. Continue on Kjalvegur to F347 in Hrunamannahreppur until you reach Highland Base.

Opening time

Open from 15. of June to 30. September.


Rates 2024

Adults: 3.000 ISK.
Teenagers (12-16): 2000 ISK
Overnight stay tax per night : 300 ISK
Electricity: 2000 ISK