The camp site by Landmannahellir is on a lawn close to the cave.

Services available

  • Playground
  • Cooking facilities
  • Shower
  • Walking paths

Description of facilities

To get to Landmannahellir it is best to take the road Dómadalsleið (F225). If you drive from highway no 1, you drive up road no 26 and about 50 km to Dómadalsleið. From that intersection there are about 30 km to Landmannahelli.

The camp site at Landmannahellir is by a lawn next to the cottages. The area is for about 50 tents. It is possible to buy fishing license for lakes south of the river Tungnaá at Landmannahellir. Also possible to byu accomodation in eight cottages in Landmannahellir.

The facilities at the campsite are good with a toilet, outdoor barbeque and a shower.


The price 2024 for one night accommodation:

2.000 Isk. per person (the same price for house vans and camping wagons).
No charge for children up to 12 years.
Overnights tax: Isk 333,- per tent.
Shower: Isk. 700 per person each time.

Parking of a car on the campsite 2.000 Isk.
( It is also possible to park the car outside the camp site. )

Charging the batteries: Isk. 500.-
Rent a towel: ISK 1200
Rent a sleeping bag: ISK 3.000

If the facility ( Wc ) is used without the accommondation it costs 500 Isk. per. person.
If Wc is used without the accommondation it costs 300 isk.per person.