Laugar í Sælingsdal

The camp site is located at Laugar in Sælingsdalur and is 16 km north of Búðardalur. The area has a swimming pool and very beautiful hiking trails around. A stream flows through the camp site, but the area is divided into several smaller areas.

Services available

  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Walking paths
  • Hot water
  • Swimming pool
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

Beautiful campsite, not far from the main road but located in such a way that there is no disruption from traffic. The facilities are good with toilets and electrical connections. Swimming pool in the area, hiking trails and a short trip into Búðardalur if needed for shopping. Reception in the lobby of the swimming pool. From Laugar you can go round the beaches, travel in to valleys and also visit other places who offer various entertainment and services in Dalabyggð area.



2.000 kr. for adults

1.500 kr. for the disabled and pensioners

Free for children (16 years and younger)

Electricity (every night) 1000 ISK.

Sturtur 500 kr.