The camping site in Raufarhöfn is in a quiet location by the pond. Services are within a walking distance from the site, and the facilities are both good and neatly kept.

Services available

  • Dogs allowed
  • Electricity
  • Fishing
  • Washing machine
  • Toilets
  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower

Description of facilities

All services at Raufarhöfn are within walking distance of the area.

The Sports Center, located next to the campsite, is a washing machine and dryer for a fee. The Sports Center also has a good indoor pool, hot tub, steam room, fitness center and the whole center is a model for locals as well as tourists.

Raufarhöfn has all the basic services of health care, pharmacy, grocery store, bank, post office, swimming pool, gym, car repair shop, fuel, hotel, guesthouse, and café.

Raufarhöfn, the northernmost of all villages in Iceland. Nowhere in Iceland will the spring night be brighter or the winter day darker. The Arctic Circle is right by the beach and on the axis above the village is the Arctic Circle, the largest outdoor work in Iceland that combines Icelandic culture, literary history and classical science with special natural conditions.

Opening time


Rates 2021

Adults : 1.600 kr per night.
Children: Free for 18 years and younger
Electricity: 800 kr pr day
Washing machine: 750 kr
Tumble dryer: 750 kr

*after the third night the cycle starts again.