Selskógur, Skorradal

Selsskógur is in the center of the valley Skorradalur. It is a very nice camp site that is divided into smaller areas with trees all around.

Services available

  • Toilets

Description of facilities

A lovely camp site in a great location. The lake Skorradalsvatn is on the other side of the “street” and many mountains to walk on.

The camp site has hot and cold running water, shower, toilet and electricity. There is a garbage dumpster close by and guesta are asked to get rid of the garbage there.

The rules
The camp site is a family camp site and 20 years and younger should be travelling with a supervisor. On special occasions the age limit may be higher.
The traffic of motor vehicles should be kept to a minimum and the maximum speed limit should be 15 km/hour.
Do not disturb the night peace or make noises with traffic, music or otherwise. The night peace should be kept between 24:00 – 08:00.
No drunkenness is allowed.
Garbage should be put in the correct place. Do not leave it outside.
Dogs are not allowed to walk free or to be a disturbance for other guests.
Do not damage the nature, houses or the equipment of the campsite.
It is not allowed to have an open fire in the area. Please be careful with barbequs or other instruments that can cause fire. Do not put one use bbq on the ground.
A violation of these rules can cause the guest to asked to leave.

Opening time

The campsite is open.


Price 2023

Adults: 1.600 kr
Free for 15 years and younger
Electricity: 1.200 kr