The national park in Skaftafell was founded in 1967. In 2008 it became a part of the Vatnajökull National Park.

In Skaftafell you can find many and diverse walking paths that suits all. The landscape is extremely beautiful and a short distance to glaciers or mountain

Services available

  • Open all year
  • Hot water
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
  • Waste disposal for mobile homes
  • Walking paths
  • Toilets
  • Cold water
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Shower
  • Dogs allowed
  • Electricity

Description of facilities

The campground is divided into zones.
The zones you can drive onto and use electricity are: Ugluflöt (A), Spóaflöt (B), Rjúpnaflöt (C) and Mávaflöt (D).
It is also possible to drive on zone Lóuflöt (E) but there is no electricity.
The zones that are for tents only and you can not drive onto are: Kjóaflöt (F), Hrafnaflöt (G) og Fálkaflöt (H).

Please make a note of the following campground rules:
- Always show respect and be considerate to other visitors. Enjoy the sounds of nature and avoid spoiling it with loud music or noise. Keep alcohol consumption at minimum.

- Peace and quiet shall prevail on the campground from 23:00 to 07:00.

- Collecting firewood within the national park is not permissible. Care must be taken when using charcoal barbeques, gas cookers and other cooking equipment, in order to prevent fire hazard and vegetation damage. Never pour dirty or boiling water on the ground.

- Pets are welcome if they are kept securely under control. Care must be taken not to allow them to disrupt either the biota or the peace of other visitors. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

- Keep your campsite and its surroundings neat and tidy. Put waste in refuse bins. Facilities for sorting waste are next to the visitor centre.


Rates 2024

2500 ISK Adults 17-66 years old, per night
2.000 ISK Senior citizens and disabled people, per night
Free for children 16 years old and younger
333 ISK Lodging tax, payd per tent/mobile home/camper
1500 ISK electricity at campsite pr. night

Pitches E, F, G and H – Driving is prohibited at these pitches
Pitches B and D – Access for cars and to electricity – not separate areas
Pitches A and C – Access for cars, separate areas and good access to electricity

• Areas are either with access to electricity* or not.
• Access to showers, a washing machine, and a dryer (Skaftafell) is included in the campsite fee.
• Senior citizens (67 years old or older) and disabled persons are entitled to a 20% discount on campsite fees.
*Note: The electrical connection is only intended for electrical devices within the area. It is not permitted to use the connection to charge vehicles, the systems are neither powerful nor safe enough for such charging.