Stokkseyri is a small village by the south shore, it is known for its bird life and the beautiful sea shore. In the village there is also a powerful art and cultural life with workshops, exhibitions and museums.

Services available

  • Dogs allowed
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Walking paths
  • Swimming pool
  • Playground

Description of facilities

Stokkseyri is a small village known for its wild birdlife and breathtaking waterfront where coastal sand, rapids and lakes can be found. The village is famous for its art and cultural life studios from various artists, and a few galleries with handcrafted items. In Stokkseyri you
will find a Hunting museum, a pipe organ builder workshop, the Ghost museum and the Elf-, Trolls and Northern light museum

Lobster restaurant called Fjöruborðið with famous lobster meal and soup, lovely coffee house called KaffiGott and the gas station serves pizzas and burgers, among other necessaries. The swimming pool at Stokkseyri is small and cozy which hot tubs are found as well as chil-dren’s pool.
The campsite has recently been renovated with new toilet facilities, showers, washing machine and electric poles are available. The campsite has a play ground area for the children, Frisbee-golf course lies above the site and there is a walking path from the campsite to the center of the village

Opening time


Rates 2022

Adults: 1.500 kr.
Children, 13 – 16 years: 1000 kr
Children: Free for children under the age of 12
Seniors and the disabled: 1000 kr
Electricity: 1100 kr pr 24 hours
Showers: 200 kr (50 kr coins - can be arranged by campguard)

All cards are accepted