The camp site at Varmaland is a big and spacious area and is well suitable for groups and families. There is a playground and excellent possibilities for hiking in the neighborhood.

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Services available

  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
  • Electricity
  • Toilets
  • Walking paths

Description of facilities

When driving on highway number 1 you turn into road 50 (Borgarfjarðarbraut) by the shop Baula. Next you drive to the road Varmalandsvegur and turn onto that road. From that intersection you drive for 2,5 km to Varmaland.

The campsite is in the outskirts of the village Varmaland which is close to the geothermal area Stafholtstungur. At Varmaland there is a sports center that is open from late june to the middle of august. A swimming pool is in the sports center. The camp site is big and spacious with a playground and many hiking options in the area.
The town Borgarnes is a short drive away where all there are all services needed. The camp site at Varmaland is primarily a family camp site. Larger groups are asked to contact the caretaker first.
The age limit is 20 years.

Reservations only made for groups larger than 15 units.


Varmaland Campsite 2024

Adults: 2.000 kr
Children: Free for 14 years and younger
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.500 kr
Electricity: 1.300 kr
Lodging tax: 333kr per sleeping unit