Ásbyrgi - Vesturdalur

The campsite in Vesturdalur is usually open from early June to mid-September. The campsite is for tents only. Neither electricity nor hot water is available. Phone coverage is limited.

Reservations are not available for the campsite in Vesturdal. Campsite fees are payable to rangers on-site.

Services available

  • Walking paths
  • Toilets

Description of facilities

Road 862 (Dettifoss Road) crosses the national park between Route 1 and Road 85. Road 862 is about 50 km and passes access roads to popular destinations such as Dettifoss, Hólmatungur and Vesturdalur/Hljóðaklettar. The entire Road 862 is now paved and gives much easier access to Dettifoss waterfall than the alternative gravel road (Road 864) on the east side of the Jökulsá River.

In Vesturdal there is a beautiful, natural camp site. There are toilets and facilities to do the dishes. There is no warm water and no electricity. The camp ranger is available between 9 – 19 during the high season. The ranger can give information on the national park, nature and walking paths. In Asbyrgi (14 km from Vesturdalur) you can find Gljufrastofa, an information and service center.

Various, marked walking paths are in the area. Camp rangers offer daily information trips during the high season. The starting point is at 14:00 by the parking site at Hljóðaklettar.


Rates 2022

For tents only!
Price for tents pr night: ISK 250
Price pr adult 18-66 years: ISK 1250
Price pr senior citizens / disabled: ISK 1000
Price 13-17 years: ISK 700
12 years and younger, travelling with adults: Free