The camp site is located in a beautiful surroundings above the town. It is on two flat areas with view over the town, the fjord and towards the beautiful mountains on the other side of the fjord. The camp site is pretty small and below it there is a playground with a football field.

Services available

  • Golf course
  • Electricity
  • Horse rental
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower
  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Fishing
  • Cooking facilities
  • Cooking facilities

Description of facilities

Connecting to electricity is about 800 kr pr 24 hours. The service house has two toilets, shower and facilities to wash the dishes. Opposite from the camp site is the sport hall. It also has toilets and showers that guests can use for a small fee. The sports hall also has a sauna, solar bench and a gym. At the top of the village there are facilities for waste disposal.

The camp site is close to all services since it is a small village with the camp site close to the center. At the center of town there is the information center as well as a museum, it is located in a beautifully restored old house. Also in the town center is a coffee shop, a grocery store, pharmacy and a liquor store. There is also a health care center in the village.
Please note the the swimming pool is located on the waterside of the river Selá. Selá is one of the top salmon fishing rivers in Iceland. The swimming pool has two hot tubs and the water for the swimming pool comes from a hot spring close by. There is a horse rental located at Syðri Vík and also a golf course close to the town. Many walking paths are around the fjord for example to the waterfall Glúfursárfoss, to the big elephant shaped rock called Ljósastapa and many more beautiful sights.


Rates 2017

Adults: 1.300 kr
Free for children under the age of 12 years.
Children, 12 – 16 year old: 700 kr
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.000 kr
Electricity: 1.000 kr pr 24 hours.

Third night free.