Hverinn, Kleppjárnsreykjum

The camp site has 80-100 spots for tents, trailers and RV’s. In 60 spots you’ll find electricity plugs. It is located in a cozy and tranquil area surrounded by shrubs. The site offers a great deal of options for leisure activities for all age groups.

Services available

  • Walking paths
  • Playground
  • Washing machine
  • Sleeping bag accommodation
  • Electricity
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Shower

Description of facilities

The camp site features flushing toilets, hot and cold water along with coin showers, dryer and washing machine. You’ll find a dumb station for RV’s, car washing area and electricity plugs. At the site about 150m away there is an outdoor swimming pool with jacuzz’is, an equestrian center, gym and a 9 hole golf course. The are many hiking trails to choose from, lakes and rivers to fish in. You’ll also find a restaurant, a bar, a convenience store where you can buy freshly locally grown vegetables.

The camp site also offers Bed & Breakfast accommodation. It offers two apartments for 4 persons each. It also offers 5 rooms for 11 persons total.

NEW: “hobbit houses” is a new possibility at Hverinn. The hobbit houses are heated greenhouses with geo thermal energy. It has grass bottom where it is possible to tent with small tents. Ideal when the weather is not good.


Rates 2018

Adults (15 years and older): 1.500 Isk. kr
14 years and younger: Free
Electricity: 1.100 Isk. kr
Washing machine: 500 iskr. each time.
Tumble dryer: 500 iskr each time

NEW: Hobbit houses: Sleep in small tents inside greenhouses: 2.000 kr pr adult for the night.